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Book report
Name: Yahel Cohen
Teacher: Sophi Ben-David
Book: Frankenstein
Author: Mary Shelley
Who is Victor Frankenstein?
Victor Frankenstein lived in the late 18th century, In Switzerland, geneva. Victor was a young man when he witnessed lightning that struck near him. The event caused the young victor to take an interest in science, especially in the secrets to life. Later In life, victor attended Ingolstadt University, where he eventually discovered the secret to life. After this revolutionary discovery, Victor attempted to create a perfect being, but instead. accidentally created a monster which he rejected. The beast would end up taking everything from him out of revenge.
The quest
The problem was that the monster victor created was seeking revenge and killing all his loved ones. In the end, Victor dies of an illness while trying to kill the monster, and the monster commits Suicide
Victor in the end of the book
At the end of the book, Victor lost all his loved ones, suffered from mental illness, and eventually died. Victor learned that seeking the power. God is a mistake and will lead to disaster.
Victor's traits
1. Smart - Discovered the secret to life
2. Irresponsible - Let the monster run loose.
3. obsessed Victor was obsessed with reanimation.
4. Arrogant - Victor's arrogance caused him to tamper with life
5. Selfish - Victor let his ambitions ruin him, and looked Only at the damage he cost himself and didn't notice he hurt others.
Activity I would do with the character
If I met Victor, I would go to the lab with him, and try to understand what he's doing. In addition to that, as I previously mentioned I would really like to learn the process of creating an artificial living thing.
Would I like meet Victor?
I would like to moot Victor to discuss the secret to life with him, and the process of creating artificial life.