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Ohio Rocks and Products

by Kendall Daugherty, Kate Steinwart, and Raelyn Thompson


Ohio Rocks and Products
Written by: Kendall Daugherty, Kate Steinwart, and Raelyn Thompson
Ohio's Geologic Past
PreCambrian Period
(4.6 B- 542 MYA)
-Volcanic Activity and Rifting
-Mountain range formed and eroded in this time
no living species found
-igneous, metamorphic, and metasedimentary rocks very deep in surface
-no current productions
Silurian Period
(443-416 MYA)
-Ohio was dry and 20 degrees south of the Equator.
-The shallow sea was making a return
-Coral Reefs, Calms, Brachiopods, Chiopods, Cephalopods
-Limestone, dolomite, shale, gypsum for surface rocks in the South
-Salt and Sandstone in subsurface
crushed limestone
-Oil and Gas come from limestone in this period
Ohio's Geologic Past
(359-318 MYA)
-Ohio is in Equatorial latitudes
-The seas retreated at this time.
-Brachipods, clams, crinoids, fish, large plants
-sandstone, silstone, shale, limestone form surface rocks
-limestone used in construction
Quatemary (2.6 MYA-Present)
-2/3 of Ohio was covered in Glaciers
-Large, Ancient animals, and humans lived in this time
-glaicial till, clay, silt, sand, gravel
-Sand and Gravel compose cement and are aquifers
Where it Comes From

-clay & Shale



-Sand & Gravel


Rocks that we use in an everyday life
-Salt and Gravel are used in mainly construction. It can be used in concrete, asphalt, and fill. Salt is used to control the ice on the roads in the winter. Gravel is used in driveways.
-Due to the various colors, Sandstone is used for decorational purposes. It also can be found in counter tops, glass, and ceramics.
-Clay and Shale are minerals used in many everyday items. It's used in bricks, tiles, and ceramics. Also, it's used in the making of paper, tires, pencils, inks, and cosmetics.
Inactive VS Active Mine
Location: West Quarry In Ohio
It was active until 1962

Products found in the mines are lime stone, fluoritstone
Location:Sands Hill Mining LLC. 38711 Main street Hamden Ohio.
Products found: Limestone, Sandstone.

It was active until August 31st 2007
Location:Buckingham Coal In Ohio
Products found were Lime stone,Sandstone,Coal.

Still active now.