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4 C's

by Evan Martin


The 4 C's
Evan Martin
Critical Thinking
Learning and analyzing a subject past the point of memorization.
1. Work in groups to compare reasonings
2. Solve a problem the student wants to solve
3. Ask questions that are not a simple yes or no answer
Sending or receiving information through sounds, technology, and motion.
1. Students and make pen pals and learn how to communicate with people from other cultures
2. Have students debate and defined their beliefs on certain topics
3. Teach them how to properly email so they can communicate professionally with their peers.
Rounded Rectangle
When people of the learning community work together to achieve their goal(s).
1. Have the students work in groups and give feedback to each other on how they did
2. Have students give feedback on what I am teaching so they can have input on what they want to learn
3. Have students work with students from other schools on a project to work on collaborating with other "companies"
Using Imagination and critical thinking to come up with new ideas.
1. Have the students create an app based on a topic they are interested in
2. Have students create a website based on a topic they are interested in
3. Have students create a new way to present their projects that is not PowerPoint