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Simon and Vector

by Callie LePage


Simon and Vector
simon and vector
Once upon a time there lived an octopus called Simon.simon was a blue and purple octopus with a kind personalty. He lived on the edge of the coral reef with his fish friend Larry. Early one morning Larry asked him to visit Mic in the libary because he needed to bring back his books. He had Aladdin, Arnie the Donut and Matida in his bag.
Next Simon started walking to the Libary. He began to look around he saw Vector. Vector was a brown pufferfish with spiky spikes.
"what is in your bag?" asked Vector.
"books to bring back to the libary," said SIMON
Vector ran off and Simon couinted to walk through the forest.
Soon Simon saw the libary office. It was spiky and black, when he arrived he knocked on the door.
"Who is it dear"said a voice.
"Its me Simon" and in he went.
Simon sat beside Mic while sorting books.
"What big arms you have" said Simon.
" All the better to read books with"said Mic.
"what small eyes you have" said Simon.
" All the better to see you with" said Mic.
" What big spikes you have" said Simon.
" All the better to spike you with" said Vector.
Suddenly Vector took off his disguise and chased simon around
Vector wanted to steal the limited edtion signed book. Luckily Mike the sucuirity guard heard the fuss and came to the rescue. Vector was so scared he ran off. Mike unlocked the cage that Mic was in. Vector was never seen again and there was peace. Simon and Mic lived happy ever after.
The end