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Meeting My Partner in Crime

by Olivo Garcia


Meeting my partner in crime
By Olivo Garcia
“Tal vez por ti daria lo más caro O tal vez no quieras nada solo mi amor”
This all started when me and my best friend met through one of our cousin named Fatima when I went to Texas. We knew each other for a little but were not close like we are now. We became friends recently on May 3, 2021 and that's when we started to become close and when I came back to Joliet we started talking on the phone more to stay connected on how we were and just how it was when I left.
We both met thru one of our friends when we I went to Texas to see my aunt I ended up going with my cousin to see her friends and that where we met when we were walking around her trailer home place and that's when my cousin Fatima introduced me to her it was almost a feeling of happiness and full of love that we would have as long-lasting friends but it was later in the week when we started talking and texting each other and we started to become very close and started trusting each other more and more as the weeks went by and that's when she said we should become besties and I said yes then we started to grow distance because of school.