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by Reece Watts


Geoff all about beans
by Reece
his birth date
name, date of birth, place of birth
were was he born
17th may 2013
he was born in bean land

10 yrs 4 months
personal life
As an only child, Geoff was raised quite poor family but most importantly he loved beans. When Geoff was growing up he was always dreaming about being head of inovation for heinz beans. When he was younger he used to go to a special camp called camp beans he always was the top beans official of the beans camp he always showed the younger kids what to do and how to do it and he before he left he got a ceremony in his name for completing all the badges. When he went bean university he choosed to do about beanotology and he always got off the class and got his phd in beanotology.
Then he got the chance of a life time to work at heinz and when he was working for heinz he seen a beautiful a beautiful lady and made a can of beans for two for him and the woman and got a kiss on the cheek then he got married and had twins ang when they grown up and they loved beans and they made bean toasties but there was to much beans in the toastie so he inveted a lil one for toastie and his family was very pleased the end.
education and ocupation
school he went to
Bean college and university
he works for
Heinz beans
things he has accheived

Won the world cup
won the champions league
got a oscar
won wimbledon
and is the king of the earth.
important life events
He graduated beanotology he got married he had two children and won a oscars on beanotology.
areas of acheivment
His acheivments are he won the world cup and won the champions league with his bean team won the oscars with beanotology got a phd in beanotology.