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Mrs. Sears' Back to School Disclosure

by Vickie Sears


Welcome to Mrs. Sears' 6th Grade Classroom!
Welcome to 6th grade at Blackridge Elementary! My name is Vickie Sears. I have been teaching for 9 years and I love it! I am so excited teaching 6th grade at Blackridge!

I love my family so much and consider myself very lucky! I am married to my husband Rhett and we have two adult children, Zachary and Amanda. Zach and Emily have two adorable kids; Raedyn is 8 and Jaylor is 6 years old. Their family has the cutest dog, Frankie! Amanda and Ben also have an adorable daughter, Iyla (Eye-la), and she turned ONE this past June. They also have the sweetest dog, and her name is Denver.
Mrs. Sears' Contact Information:
(801) 254-0326 ext. 13563
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I love playing games and traveling with my family. We also enjoy going out to eat, going to concerts, movies, plays, musicals, and sporting events. My birthday lands on a holiday every year...can you guess which one?

I love teaching because of YOU! It makes me so happy to give YOU the opportunity to become a life-long learner where YOU can engage in wonderings, discussions, and questioning. I know through your hard work you will see growth. TOGETHER we will build a classroom community of trust, support, respect, and appreciation for one another.
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Blackridge’s 6th Grade Expectations

The following are expectations that ALL 6th graders should follow.
*Walk Your Wheels: Per School Policy, students need to be walking their bikes, scooters, skateboards, this includes the heelys. Per office policy, after one warning the student may lose privileges to bring the transportation device to school.

*Students are expected to be in line before the 8:55am bell.

*Students are expected to line up quietly and to walk quietly when they are coming in and out of the building.

*Maintain and be aware of yours and others personal space.

*We expect students to be kind and respectful to other students and adults at all times. 

*Being the oldest in the school 6th grade are often looked at as leaders, we expect them to be good examples.