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Rap Music

by Moses Kassa, Matthew Canevari, Stori Rush, Ryan Moore


Rap Music
By: Ryan, Stori, Matthew, and Moses
Table of Contents
3-5: History Rap
6- How rap originated
7- Famous rappers
8- The needle drop
History Of Rap
By Moses

What is Rap?

Rap is a form of hip-hop music that was popular in the USA and became a top form of music around the world. This article that you will read is about the history of rap from birth to how it is now.

Birth of Rap (1970s)
Late in the 1970s rap was born and  was first mainly  developed in the Bronx, NY.  Rap music didn't take too long to be known in the hip-hop industry. Rap was quickly starting to grow and grow.

Hitting the mainstream (1980-1990s)
In the 1980s-1990s rap started to become a more well known form of music. Rap started to become a part of people's lifestyle and culture starting around this time. Rappers like Salt and Pepa ,Eazy E,Snoop dogg, Tupac, and more. These rappers usually made gangster rap music usually making music dissing the other coast of rappers. This was mainly because of the battle of east vs west coast rappers.  This was not only the uprise of rap but the birth of gangster rap
By this era, rap was solidified as top music in the industry of music and albums of rap started to become more popular and casual. In this time east coast vs west coast rappers have kind of stopped beefing with each other and didn't have too many songs on them. Rappers like Eminem carried this era with not as much gangster music but instead was known for his fast rapping. Gangster music at this time was still made but wasn't too bad as it was in the 1990s.
Rap music now is run by people like Nba youngboy, Chief Keef, Lil Baby, and many more rappers. This generation takes the past as influence and has a lot of shades of 90s rap in there. A lot of music now is about guns, money,gangs,women, and fame
Rap has come along way from where it first began. For over 20 years now rap has solidified its spot in peoples culture and peoples lives.The rappers now have a lot of potential to keep this culture of rap alive and make sure that rap is in good hands for the future.
How Rap Originated
By Stori
Kool Herc
Have you ever listened to your favorite song and wondered where the genre came from?

Music is a great way for people to express themselves. In this case, Black people and latinos were the biggest race population to do this.

First early rappers
Kool Herc was particularly cool because by him being an astonishing dj, he drew upon the traditions of west african griots, talking blues, and black power poetry. Around the mid 1980’s Hip-hop entered its new school era.
70s Hiphop/Rap
Rap started gaining its population in the 1970’s. For the few years that the term “hip-hop” was around, it wasn’t just about music. It was about art, style, dance, and philosophy.
Some popular rappers in the 70’s were clearly Dj Kool Herc, j, Beastie boys, queen latifah, and salt n pepper. The rappers we've had since or still do have got most of their knowledge and style from them.
In conclusion early rap was a big part of its history. Many Djs and rappers have made an impact and shaped rap into how it is today