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Miss Groblers Teaching Harvest

by Madelein Grobler


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Miss Groblers teaching harvest
By Madelein Courtney Grobler
Miss Grobler's Teaching Philosophy
In my fourth year of teaching, my philosophy is a garden where each child is a unique seed awaiting cultivation. Like a gardener tends to diverse plants, I nurture individual strengths, viewing the curriculum as fertile soil. Planting seeds signifies introducing concepts, and watching knowledge blossom is the joyous reward, fostering resilience in the face of challenges. Education, to me, is a continuous cycle of planting, nurturing, and witnessing growth, aiming to cultivate a generation ready to contribute to the world.

Over the course of my teaching career, I have developed a deep confidence in my talents as a teacher, similar to the developing assurance of an experienced gardener. Like an effective teacher, a successful gardener needs to have excellent communication skills. Just as well-defined lessons prepare the ground for maximum growth, so do clear instructions. Through my experiences, I've learned the value of listening and becoming aware of each student's particular demands, much as a gardener pays attention to the different needs of different plants.

In gardening like in education, teamwork is essential. Students gain from collaborative learning situations, just as plants in a garden bloom when arranged in smart ways. I've discovered the value of flexibility, and I now modify my teaching strategies to meet the various demands of my pupils, much like a gardener does when the weather or soil conditions change.

A beautiful garden and an excellent instructor both possess engagement. A captivating instructor captivates pupils' thoughts in the same way as a colorful garden does, making learning enjoyable. Another similar quality is empathy, which is the capacity to recognize the special requirements of every pupil or plant and to offer those needs.

Lastly, the foundation of both gardening and teaching is patience. It takes patience and nurturing to see a garden bloom or a student's comprehension develop. When dedication and patience are combined, a plentiful crop of healthy plants and brains is guaranteed.

When it comes to growing gardens and developing young minds, the qualities of a great teacher and a skilled gardener complement each other perfectly. This dual understanding has evolved into the cornerstone of my pedagogy, where the ideas of growth, cooperation, adaptation, engagement, empathy, and patience come together to foster an atmosphere that fosters the development of young minds and plants alike.
My Classroom Management Tool
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Class Jobs

Active children aren't misbehaving; they are in the process of growth and require opportunities for responsibility.

Giving students class jobs is a great way to help them grow responsibly. It encourages teamwork and ownership by assigning specific tasks like line leader, messenger, librarian, or materials organizer. This not only reduces the teacher's workload but also creates a supportive classroom where students actively help in organizing and maintaining the space. It teaches valuable skills like leadership, cooperation, and accountability while fostering a sense of pride in their contributions. This approach transforms busy kids into responsible and engaged learners.
Curriculum Vitae

As a diligent and
driven 4th-year Varsity College student, I am eager to introduce myself as a
dedicated individual with a passion for learning, teaching and a commitment to
excellence. Throughout my academic journey, I have consistently demonstrated a
strong work ethic, adaptability, and a hunger for knowledge. My coursework, educational
experience and extracurricular activities have equipped me with a diverse skill
set. I am excited to leverage my skills and my academic achievements to
contribute meaningfully to future endeavors while continuously seeking
opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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