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Life's Golden Ticket Scrapbook (2)

by Zulfa Yauma Fitria Yahsya

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Life's Golden Ticket
Zulfa Yauma Fitria Yahsya
‘I don’t want to impose my world on anyone. . . . I don’t want to be a pest.
Dare to change, get out of your comfort zone to be better.
Word of the month
interesting word
if you don’t start telling
the world how you feel and what you want, then you’ll be forever
stuck on the same life track you’re on now—a track that makes you feel numb and queasy.
Self Growth Lesson
I never know what will happen if I don't reveal it.
Favorite scene
The strong man part of the story is very sad, little Mike's struggle to change from mouse to Strong Man Mike.
Second Favorite
The last ride part was very touching, and at that time it was revealed that the cause of the problems in this story was because of Meg.