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Are We There Yet?

by Wairoa School


Are We There Yet?
Alison Lester's journey around Australia
adapted by Wairoa School
Grace and her family are travelling around Australia in a campervan.
Let's follow them on their journey and see all the amazing places that they stop at!
Grace's holiday starts in Melbourne, Victoria.
In Melbourne, Grace's family visit St Kilda where there is an amusement park called Luna Park. They go on a rollercoaster and watch some clowns juggle!
After that, they go to Phillip Island and watch little penguins parade up the beach to go to sleep at night time.
They keep driving west on their holiday around Australia. Grace's family stop have have a look at some very special rocks called the Twelve Apostles.
On the day that Grace's family are there, it is very windy and stormy. Can you point to the picture that is stormy?

Hint: There are grey clouds in the stormy picture.
Grace's family arrive at Adelaide in South Australia.
They drive past the grapevines in the Barossa Valley. The leaves on the vines are red and yellow because it is Autumn time.
Grace's family's next stop on their holiday is at the Great Australian Bight.
The Great Australian Bight is this area of Australia. An easy way to remember is because it looks like something took a big bite out of Australia.
Maybe a SHARK!
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I wonder what has a mouth big enough to take out a bite of Australia like that? 
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