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Oh no! This is True?

by Kieran & Rachel


By Kieran and Racheal
One Friday after school, Eric and Georgina were walking to Georgina's house. Eric suddenly heard a noise. Georgina also heard a noise. They got a bit scared.
They started running home, and they saw a crack on the road. They started getting bigger and bigger.
They got home safely and told Georgia's Mum about what they heard and what happened. When they looked out soldiers were running around everywhere.
Eric and Georgina got even more scared. Georgina's Mum got scared too.
They heard more and more bombs from the sky. It started in every country it was on the news and in newspapers.
It just got more and more scary as it went on. It felt like it lasted forever.
Suddenly Georgina started to cry. Eric told her it would be okay. Suddenly a soldier walked into their house. Eric told him to get out, but he said "I am looking for aliens". There could be some in your house!" said the soldier.
Then another bomb landed. It exploded all over the place. A bomb landed on top of their house. Luckily they made it safely out of the house.
They were not having a good day!
Eric said it was the worst day of his life. Georgina said the same.
"I’m not going back out there until after the fight. It's too scary and it’s too cold as well" said Georgina.
Bombs were falling for hours with big loud bangs. It was so scary. They wish it would stop happening. They could not get any sleep for days. They were living in an underground house that was cold with no fire. Soon a bomb landed on top of the underground house!
Luckily for them, they got away from the house and took their food with them. They had to be in a new home for a while before they could get killed. They got to a new home safely. Luckily for them they had food and drinks to survive. "It’s like a survival game but with bombs out side!" said Eric. It was very scary.
"I’m so glad that we’re safe and sound" said Eric. "You are so right" said Georgina's Mum. Georgina would not stop crying. Eric told her again and again that it would be okay. She stopped crying and asked "what should we do?"
The second Georgina said "Mum", the soldiers came running looking for food and drinks before they died of hunger. Eric heard Georgina crying so he ran over to her. He asked what was wrong but then he saw her mum on the floor. She was dead! 😩😭😢☠️☠️☠️☠️
It's Kieran gay
Georgina started crying again. She would not stop crying 😭 but she did not notice a soldier standing right in front of her! Eric saw them too. Then they saw someone ... it was the one and only Georgina's mum! 😳 They were astonished!🤨 "Are you still alive?" asked Eric.
"Yes" replied mum. Georgina nearly fainted!