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by Laura Martin


What is a Beebot
A Beebot is a coding device. All you need to do is to press a series of buttons and it will then move in that direction as directed by you.
To start the Beebot, the button at the bottom of it must be switched on.
Before pressing any buttons, it is essential to press the reset button to ensure you are starting on a clear route.
It can be used in a variety of settings in the classroom to expand children's knowledge in an enjoyable and engaging setting.
Directions the Beebot Moves in
The Beebot can move forwards and backward.
It can also do a complete 360° turn if the student presses the button to turn 4 times.
It can turn right or left
Benefits of Using a Beebot
A Beebot allows children to work in groups and interact with other classmates. As a result of this, it allows children to improve their literacy skills.
For students finding it difficult to differentiate between their right and left, this is a beneficial activity to help them cross that barrier.
As a result of students improving their understanding between their right and left, they can then follow the instructions from their peers.
The student can then tell their peers the route they took, where it went, and why.
How Can A Beebot Be Integrated Into Other Subjects
A Beebot can be a valuable tool to use in a maths class. Using a board game with shapes on it can help children understand the different shapes in a more active and enjoyably way.
A Beebot can also be integrated into the subject of English. The children will improve their literacy skills by communicating and listening to the instructions from fellow peers to code the Beebot correctly to reach its destination.
Iconic Stage
Iconic type of learning involves using visual objects such as diagrams, signs, and pictures. To code the Beetbot, we used cards with signs and words on them for this particular activity.
The cards stated the following:
Turn Right
Turn Left
I coded the Bettbot using the cards to go to the ship on the board. I first laid out the cards in order and visualised the route the Beebot would have to take to reach the ship successfully