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Eye of the Storm

by johanna gomez


Eye of the Storm
Chapter: 1, 2, 3
Chapter 1
Elsewhere, 8,000 km from California, a storm broke out in west Africa was approaching California
In the beginnig it tells us about the lite of the main characters Ikemi and Max
Eye of the storm
The events of chapter one take place on September, 9 in Miami, Florida
Ikemi had to end his relationship with Max because of his father
Chapter 2
Hiru's wife Ikemi's father was named Elizabeth
Ikemi's father liked to fish and he went fishing before the hurricane
Eye of the storm
Max is one of the best pilots and he is going to ride a hifracan with his teacher Ross Peters
Mas was very sad because Ikemi left him but later he recovered
Chapter 3
The hurricane started in Coribben island
Elaine wanted a man who keeps her
Eye of the storm
She met Rick and fulfilled hio dream
Hiru came of fishing and the engine was damaged

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