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Educational disadvantage

by Bróna Parker

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Educational Disadvantage in schools in Ireland 
What is educational disadvantage?
Educational disadvantage is when some individuals benefit less from the education system than their peers. 
The education Act 1998
The Education Act 1998 defines educational disadvantage as “impediments to education arising from social or economic disadvantage which prevent students from deriving appropriate benefit from education in schools”. 
Equal Opportunities
Education should provide equal opportunities for all students to reach their full potential, no matter their race, gender, ethnicity, class, or ability. However, Social class continues to be one of the main causes of educational disadvantage in schools and society.
The School Completion Programme sets out to help students from disadvantaged areas stay in school to complete their Leaving Certificate.

It aims to retain a young person to completion of the leaving certificate, equivalent qualification or suitable level of educational attainment which enables them to transition into further education, training or employment.
The learning support teacher 
The Learning Support Teacher Scheme
Learning support teachers provide extra support teaching for children experiencing learning difficulties, particularly in the core areas of literacy and numeracy. Generally this extra support is provided in the form of extra teaching in small groups or individually.
The school meals programme 
The School Meals Programme aims to supplement the diets of school-going children from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them fulfil their potential within the educational system and to reduce the risk of early school-leaving. 
The DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) was launched in 2005. It is the state’s response to educational disadvantage at primary and post-primary level.
The DEIS Plan 2017 sets out the department’s vision for education to more fully become a proven pathway to better opportunities for those in communities at risk of disadvantage and social exclusion.