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Work Placement

by Kerrie O Shea


Chosen Module: Adult Education
Chosen Reading: Loeng, S. (2020). Self-Directed Learning: A Core Concept in Adult Education. Education Research International, 1–12.
In lectures I learned who engages in Adult Education and then during placement I was told by some members their reasoning for returning. The most common were retired people longing to socialize and upskill themselves. I was able to see this connection clearly which enhanced my learning. Some mentioned how they enjoy having more freedom in classes. As stated in my reading, "students can make decisions about learning, what is taught and how it knowledge in evaluated."
In Adult Education I learned about the social clock which refers to the "set timetable" to achieve certain milestones in life. In Work Placement it was interesting hearing members say they are happy they still have to opportunity to continue learning at an older age because it isn't just cut off after school. They like how they can "take initiative and responsibility for their own learning".
In class I've been taught about Ageism - the tendency to judge people solely on the basis of their chronological age. During placement, one member from the computer class I joined mentioned how she felt bad she didn't know how to do a simple task such as book a train ticket. I can now see how ageism occurs as someone could of been very quick to judge her for that. However, in the education settings you must be respectful and understand not everyone has the same knowledge and experiences.
Another link I made between my module and my placement was the style of teaching and learning. I could clearly see that learning is much more self-directed. Adult education "requires a transformation from the authoritative role of the educator to a facilitator and supportive role". In my placement I seen the members choose their own format to learn and the teacher guided them if needed, leaving them to work independently for the most part.