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CCM Creative Writing eBook 2022

by Paul Martin


Breaking Free
Breaking Free
Selected Creative Writing

Coláiste Chill Mhantáin 

Copyright, Coláiste Chill Mhantáin, 2022
Breaking Free

Selection of Student Creative Writing
Coláiste Chill Mhantáin
Table of Contents
Creativity in CCM, Padraig Donoghue, 5

Freeing Experience, Paul Martin 7

So What's Creativity...? 9

CCM Creative Writing Awards 2022 11
Firework, Katy Perry 16

Plastic Bag, Daniel Clarke, 1st Year 17

Plastic Bag, Sam Behan, 1st Year 18

Living not Thriving, Abbie Maie Delaney, 1st Year 19

Soaring Through the Sky, Conall Nolan, 1st Year 20

A Cold Day at the Beach, Isabella Kenny, 1st Year 23

Away from Ukraine, Cathal Cannon, 1st Year 25

The Raven, Chandrakant Humraskar, 1st Year 26

Pink, Rebeka Radmanic, 3rd Year 28
Expansive Escape, Kyle Ferguson, 1st Year 29

Marcus Rashford, Connor Kelly, 1st Year 31

In the Moment, Abbie Mai Delaney, 1st Year 32
Short Stories
For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn, Matthew Porter, TY 35

Wings of the Valiant, Saoirse McInerney, TY 39

Saudade, Diána Matusevica, TY 45

Dust up in Dubai, Sophie Kennedy, TY 53

Bogota Bust, Ben Bowen, TY 59
Creativity in CCM
The last two years have been difficult for us all and especially for young people. This period has shaped and informed such a significant phase in the growth of our students' lives. It has asked them to constantly draw upon their inner resources as they adapt to a changing world and reality. I often reflect on the resilience our students have demonstrated during this period and I trust that as they navigated that time they have acquired and refined skills that will support them into the future on whatever path they choose.

As we now emerge slowly from Covid, “Breaking Free” was chosen as the theme for CCM's new Creative Writing selection. This recognises the physical and emotional "liberation" for students and aims to provide the creative spur for them to express their often vivid and uplifting thoughts, perceptions and emotions. Self-expression, through creativity, and responding imaginatively to events and the challenges that life presents are important attributes for a young person to develop and that is why they also hold such an important position in Coláiste Chill Mhantáin's whole school experience.

I have very much enjoyed reading these poems and short stories. They remind me again of the gifts of creativity, imagination and empathy which abound within our school community. Every student whose work has been published in this ebook should be proud of their accomplishment and the legacy they have created. However, I would especially congratulate the two winners in each writing category - Sam Behan and Cathal Cannon in the poetry category - Saoirse McInerney & Matthew Porter in the short story category. 
In CCM we always seek to nurture and treasure the creative talents and individuality of every student. This may take many forms and next year we hope to include other means of expression in our on-going creativity programmes. I remain indebted to our teaching team for their vision in relation to projects of this nature and I know you all have enjoyed working with your teachers to bring this project to fruition.

Finally I would sincerely congratulate and thank every contributor to this wonderful writing selection. Entering their world of imagination has been a wonderful experience and I hope you enjoy reading this writing selection as much as I have.

Kind regards,

Padraig Donoghue