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CCM Creative eBook 2023

by Paul Martin


Colaiste Chill Mhantain

Creativity Ebook
“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”.

― Maya Angelou
Coláiste Chill Mhantáin
Cover image by Jack Alcorn, 1 Slaney, is the Overall CCM Art Award Winner, 2023

All the images created by CCM students

Copyright, Coláiste Chill Mhantáin, 2023
Our World

Selection of Student Creative Writing and Art
Coláiste Chill Mhantáin
Table of Contents
Thoughts from our Principal, Padraig Donoghue, 8

Defining Experience, Paul Martin & Ruth Kelly, 10

CCM Creativity Awards 2023, 12
Dancing, Freya Roche, 2nd Yr, 17

Art Poem, Jamie Kavanagh, 1st Yr, 18

Slowly, Very Slowly, Ethan Doyle, 1st Yr, 19

My Lost Shoe, Conor Davis, 1st Yr, 20

Make Up Poem, Kelly Kavanagh, 2nd Yr, 22

Make Up Poem, Kayla Connolly Doyle, 2nd Yr, 23

Happy Signs, Sean O'Brien, 1st Yr, 25

Feathers, Cian Goulding, 2nd Yr, 26

Ann Coffey - My Nanny, Sean Byrne, 1st Yr, 27
Snowy Woods, TJ Cromie, 29

Floating Through Woods, Daniel Rowan, 30

Forgotten, Abbie Mai Delaney, 31

Swing, Leah Crabb, 33

Stories and Prose
Star Gazing (Novel Extract),
Margaux Lenoir, 1st Yr, 37

Suspect No. 1, Matthew Dowling, TY, 41

Soulless (Novel Extract),
Saoirse McInerney, 5th Yr, 44

I am a Piece of Pizza, Emily, 1st Yr, 47

For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn, Louise Farrell, TY, 49

Letter to Sabina, Aoibhe Mitchell, TY, 61

Letter to France, Nathan Reynolds, TY, 64

Letter to Saptha, Angela Prince, TY, 66

My Sister's Journey, Darin Bakr, 1st Yr, 68
List of Illustrators
Jack Alcorn, 1st Yr, Cover

Darin Bakr, 1st Yr, p10

TJ Cromie, 1st Yr, p29

Bonita Crowe, 3rd Yr, p67

Morgan Crowe, 1st Yr, p46

Gabrielle Cuddihy, 1st Yr, p30, 32

Lorcan Culbert, 1st Yr, p20, 24, 34

Kelan Fenton, 2nd Yr, p25

Cian Goulding, 2nd Yr, p9, 26

Robyn Harvey, 2nd Yr, p23

Reece Hughes, 1st Yr, p21

Stephen Joseph, 3rd Yr, p7, 36, 48, 52

Eira Kavanagh, 1st Yr, p14, 27

Mischa Kavanagh, 1st Yr, p17, 19, 59, 65

Sadhbh Keating, 1st Yr, p18, 62

Ramona Mantorova, 1st Yr, p22