Book Creator


by Karolina Kala Karmaza


HEALTH is an individual and personal matter, which is why inspiring healthy habits can only serve those who want to not only improve their health but also those who have been looking after their health appropriately and want to stay up to date with the most popular trends in a healthy lifestyle.
A healthy Lifestyle can be discussed in many different ways. This ebook/audiobook is a pocket/iPhone version for the most active and dynamic persons who can dedicate only a little time to this mini compendium of healthy habits promoting a healthy lifestyle, so much needed to inspire healthy longevity.
Body care is basic for inspiring healthy habits and a 'must do' in inspiring healthy longevity. Feeding our body with positive endorsements in the form of healthy food, enough sleep, appropriate hygiene and exercising will keep our body/base in a healthy condition.
Having a healthy body/base we'll have greater chances of improving our embodied healthy lifestyle. Once we will set healthy habits, as our daily routine, we will be able to customize our daily life to the new healthy body activities.
Mind balance is the first objective result of systematic body care. Inspiring healthy habits for the mind serves as a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. Choosing harmony between mind and body is a clear and conscious decision in inspiring healthy longevity. The embodiment of both = Well-being.