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by Karolina Kala Karmaza

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Brain is the most important organ when it comes to consciousness.
We need it to think, we need it to dream and we need it to make sense
out of everything that we think and dream of.
Think of brain as if it was a very complex system, just like
computer for example, but more. Think of brain as if it
was a set of connections and spaces that interconnect
with each other. Think of brain as if it was an interactive
and ongoing machine able to make your body function
to the highest computational abilities. Think, brain is
a grey matter that matters most when it comes to
being consious of all experiences that we have.
All what we think of and all what we mind is hapenning in different parts of the brain. Cerebrum and all that it contains is the space of grey matter. It enables different cognitive functions like thinking, listenning, memorizing, speaking, and making sense out of all of these brain funcitons. This embodiment of higher functions of the brain enables conscious experiencing everything that we gather, process, make sense of and share.
Making use of our cerebrum is the best known thing that can be done
when it comes to conscious: thinking, reading, writing, creating, planning and all that comes along with cognitive creativity. The more conscious the better. Conscious experiences, that are being created in a conscious way, are the results of our embodiment of all brain activity. Before we create a new conscious thought there is a lot of learning going on. Before we create a conscious sentence there is a lot of neurons involved. Before we are able to understand it, there is a lot of conscious thinking required. We think to plan ahead and then we make use of all that we are able to mind.
It is great when we think consciously, but at the same time it is not always the case. Our brain functions in many many different ways, but it can only have conscious mode when we are not sleeping. Conscious thinking always involves awaking state of the brain and it requires brain activity of frontal cortex lobes. It is important to understand, that consiousness is hapenning in the active brain, especially when it comes to cognitive learning.
Thinking of what we think is yet another level of consciousness. We may think of our thinking in a consicouss way and that is something we call meta-consciousness. It requires a lot of brain activity to think in a conscious way, to understand and then think of this meta-content in a complex way. In other words we, as conscious embodied minds can be very brainy when it comes to making use of our brain activity. We may think we can do it, and we do it. Each one of us more or less consciously. Do you mind your own brain each time you think you can make use of it in a conscious way?
Our conscious mind can create a lot thanks to our active brain. Each time our brain is active enough to enable us to create something of a complex matter, we can label it as conscious activity. Making use of our conscious activity of the brain is a brilliant example of our conscious mind, that proves our conscious creativity. Each time we create in a conscious way, we not only cognize in a conscious way, but also are able to share it in a conscious way. Creating this brainy book for example is the proof of my own consciousness. Each time you read it with understanding I am proving your consciousness. So, what do you think of making use of consciouss mind?