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The Cheerful Granny

by Priyanka Malik


Once upon a time there was an old lady who was always happy to help everyone in the village. In return the villagers used to give her food and lots of love.
Winters were about to come so she decided to go to the forest and get some woods but she was surprised to see the hidden pot of gold . She decided to take it and thought of helping villagers with that . She also decided to enjoy with the money. So she put the pot of gold in the cart and started moving towards her house.
On the way when she checked the pot the gold first turned into silver and then to iron and then to stone . But still she was happy.
Finally the pot of iron turned into stone but she did not complain rather she was happy.
 After that the stone turned into a cotton beast and said that I am so happy to see u happy as you never complained about anything rather you was always very happy. Stay blessed and he then turned into a fairy and flew away.