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Nylah Brown
6th Grade
Individual Short Story
Author: Nylah Brown
Illustrator: Nylah Brown
Abby's perspective
I was walking from school, but something was off. The ground is shaking, but everyone around can't seem to feel it. The sky went pitch black, I can barely see anything. I hear a creepy voice, but I don't think anyone else can seem to hear it. Am I going insane? Are these my, insecurities What's going on? Suddenly, I fall to the ground, something grabbed my leg! I wake up in a dark room, something isn't right. I hear the creepy voice from earlier. ''Who are you?!'' I call out. ''What are you?!'' ''Where are you?!'' No response. Is this a dream, or am I in my, insecurities? Suddenly, I'm released, back to reality. I think. I try to forget about what just happened, but I can't. Help. I'm trapped, in my own head. I can see all of my insecurities, I'm in all of my insecurities. What did I do to get here, did I do something wrong, do I need to learn something from this? Or is it just to suffer? Right now I need to figure this out. I'm pretty smart, so this should be easy. I just need some research.
Ok, so far I have enough research to find out: absolutely nothing. This place is impossible to learn about. Wait! That's the point, I'm not supposed to learn anything about this place. I just need to trust the process, which is impossible. I don't trust this place. At all. I hear a voice again, but this time it's not creepy. This voice sounds normal. This voice sounds, like him. The voice, it won't shut up. This voice reminds me of my brother. My brother went missing seven years ago. He hasn't been talked about, or found since. Everyone has seemed to have forgotten about him. I realized that thinking of him was making forget about what I need to do.
I found something! After hours of walking I found a control room! I find a note. that says: "Look through all the doors, if you dare. You'll find an exit, never, ever. Good Luck'' What does this note mean? Why did it say, ''Good Luck'' I guess you never know with my own head. Suddenly, something grabs me and I am sent to a dark cold place.
Abby's perspective
The dark cold room. I see no one in hear, then suddenly I hear a voice, not my brother's voice, but the creepy one. It's back. It says hi, in a scratchy voice, and a rude manner. I try to speak, but I can't. I feel like I feel like this voice made the note, the voice made the doors. Is the voice, helping me? I feel like there is an exit, but the voice wants me to figure it out on my own. Suddenly, I'm released, back into the control room. Can the voice read minds? Was that the voices way of telling me I was right? After lots of pondering and walking, I think the voice is on my side. It just has a different way of showing it. I move on to the next door and open. To my surprise I see my friends, talking about me in a rude way. I try to exit, but the door disappeared. I try to speak up for myself, but I can't speak.
Standing there watching my friends talk bad about me. Why was this in my head?
Did this actually happen? I wasn't sad, I wasn't mad, instead I was confused. I've known my friends for over 6 years. This is an insecurity of mine, but I don't believe
this would ever happen. I've known them for over 6 years and we're really close.
I'm actually not sure why this is an insecurity of mine. Suddenly, I am back to the control room, but the door disappeared. I think I lost an insecurity!
I actually think I know a lot about myself. I still hate being trapped in only my insecurities though. Why couldn't I have gotten something good, like happy
memories? Was suffering by living my insecurities supposed to teach me a lesson
or build character? Next room I walk into it myself because I'm brave, I walk into
the setting of my brother's disappearance I stand there watching the scene.
Seven year old me playing with my brother. I go inside to get some water, I come
back and he's gone. I tried searching for him, but I couldn't find him. That day my confidence became extremely low and I developed a lot of the insecurities I have
now. I was very sad and confused because of that day, so I just tried to forget it
all, but that memory will always be remembered
Abby's perspective
After staring at the scene for hours and hours on repeat, I just stand there. Trying to absorb it all. I'm confused, sad, and scared. Witnessing it all over again. I hear
the voice again, saying to trust the process. Wait. Trust the process? Isn't that
what I said? Am I the voice? I've been doing a lot of research an, I did it. I found
out. I am not the voice. I feel dumb now. What was I thinking. I thought I was the voice? If I was the voice, I would've told myself the exit. Seriously, I should've
thought harder. Enough talking about how dumb I am, and more searching for
doors. So far, I haven't found any doors that lead to my, well insecurities. I'm not mad, instead I'm just a little confused, and worried that I reaches the end.Suddenly
I see it! A door!
It seems I have found an exit. The door is big, bold, golden, shining bright! It has to
be an exit. I open the door, and, it's another control room. Dang it. This time all
the doors are big, bold, golden, and shining bright. Are these, my phobias? I walk
into the first door, and I scream instantly. Ducks. The ducks are watching me. Everywhere I look there's a duck. This isn't ok. The ducks are here. I exited that horrifying room. I can still see the ducks. I'm scared to open the rest of the rooms.
I know the rest of the rooms will be way worse. I stand there in the large room
that leads to more doors, that leads to more phobias.
I refuse to move, but suddenly something teleports me to a room and I realize. I'm
in the room of globophobia. I've had this one for a while. Why? It's because when
was five it was my birthday and then all at once all of the balloons popped, (also
why I'm very sensitive to noise.) I ran out of there as fast as I could. Why would
the voice do this to me? I managed to get out of entire phobias genre. What led me
to that place, what led me here? I must of done something wrong. I'm suddenly
pulled back to the the phobia room and I know what I have to face.
Abby's perspective
Insecurities, Phobias, and I don't know what comes next it has to be some sort of pattern. That will always end up in me being terrified, suffering, or both, usually both. Very sad. One thing I just need to find out is why I'm trapped in my own head and what I did to get trapped. Is this a punishment, a lesson, or a reward? Punishment, lesson, or reward. The insecurities was a punishment, the phobias (which is what I'm in right now is probably a lesson, which means when I conquer the phobias there will be a reward! I shouldn't get my hopes up, I could be wrong. I just want to get through the phobias to see what will happen.
Backstory: So, I think I know how I got here. I was walking home from school, but it was normal. I was just walking home peacefully, but I was thinking about a dream I had where I was trapped in my own head. Wait. Is this a dream. I can't just wake up, is this a dream or just a unusual thought, I'm not really sure about what's going on, but I know this isn't right. The last thing I witnessed with actual people was when
the sky went dark and I first heard the creepy voice.
Done with the backstory. Now I'm absolutely positive about how I got here, I'm just not quite sure why. Maybe it was because I needed a lesson in life, or had to learn to face my fears. I'm just not sure why the adventurous had to be scary. Although keep in mind, just because I am kind of glad I am here doesn't mean I don't want to leave. I still kind of dislike this place, it's a love/hate relationship.
Ghost's perspective
Ah yes, the brain of Abby Jones, the girl who needed to learn that the world isn't only filled with bad things. You're probably wondering, if I was to teach her a lesson about how the world isn't only evil, why am I showing her her insecurities? Well, it's because she needs to experience some of her bad insecurities before I can show her some of the good in the world so she can appreciate them more. I know what you're thinking, and trust me this isn't a cruel way of showing her, it's actually one of the best ways to get her to be more open, happy, and to get her to stop seeing the world in grey.
I want Abby to learn that the world isn't all that bad, I also want her to experience some of the real bad in the world. Abby is one of those people who think the world is full of evil when she never experienced some of the bad in the world. I'm doing good things for Abby, when I release her back to reality she'll think the world is a lot less evil. Just wait.
I can currently see Abby in the room of snakes, this one is for my own enjoyment and I really didn't have to do it, but I have been doing this to thousands of people before but I never thought of any entertainment. I'll let her out, but she needs one of her real phobias. Although this one probably counts as an insecurity and a phobia, this phobia/insecurity is social
Ghost's perspective
Well, enough talking about Abby, how about I tell you a little bit about myself! So yeah, I am 17, I think, I lost count. Anyway so I used to be a regular human girl just like Abby! How I became a ghost not a voice, was when I was in vacation with my family and we were on our flight. It turned out that we flying over a really dangerous area and the plane crashed. So I bet you're also wondering why I'm not a regular ghost and I'm a spirit one, well just like Abby I saw the world in gray. I always thought that the world was an awful place and that nothing could ever be good. So when I died, as a punishment I have to help other people to not see the world in grey! Not for eternity though, just until I actually help someone.
Now that you know a little bit more about me, I can get back on Abby. So yes, she is still in the social anxiety. Wait! I forgot to mention one thing. Abby is sleeping during all of this and it has been roughly only two hours of her being trapped. Just so you know the social anxiety is kind of like a huge scene room with a lot of scenery kind of like she's awake and back to reality, which she isn't this is one of the major phobias or insecurities that she needs to get through and experience.
Two of the major insecurities and phobias are the scene of Abby's brother's disappearance and social anxiety. The quick scene that of her brother's disappearance is only the beginning so I'm not quite done with that one. the disappearance scene contains three parts, and the social anxiety contains two parts.
Ghost's perspective
I, I feel so disrespected. The utter disrespect. It seems that Abby us a girl who sees the world in grey and has attitude. So disrespectful. Abby, yes I can still read minds! ''I'm probably just here to suffer'', ''The voice knows I'm suffering'', ''The voice wants me to suffer''. Dang, why is it the ghosts that get all the hate. Tch, I kind of want her to suffer now.
So Abby, how do feel about being trapped in social anxiety? Are you glad, no? That's what I thought Abby. Anyway, enough being annoyed over one little thing. It's time I let her out of social anxiety. I feel like she definitely learned a lot from that, (By the way just because she said I only put her there to suffer I let her stay in there longer :). Very nice, I know.)
I watch as Abby stands there. Wonder what just happened. I'm waiting for her to take the hint and walk up to the final door. Abby finally starts walking and I'm just watching, (that sounds kind of creepy, but trust me it isn't.) As I watch her walking. I think of what my life would've been like if I was a lot more optimistic. Would I not be here helping other people?