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Riyadh Presentation

by Areej Fatima


Riyadh- The Past And The Present!
Women Empowerment
Women Can Choose Different Careers!
In a symposium on empowering women organized ‎by the Human Rights ‎Commission and the United Nations Office in Riyadh, the President of Human Rights Commission Dr. Bandar bin ‎Mohammed Al-‎Aiban said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is proceeding ‎towards empowering ‎women and enhancing their participation in the ‎development‏. ‏ The symposium reviewed the Kingdom's efforts in promoting women's rights ‎as well as a ‎number of successful experiences of Saudi women in various fields.‎ Its wonderful..
Women's Education
Government Jobs
Girls have not always been able to go to school in Riyadh. Enrollment at the first school for girls, Dar Al Hanan, began in 1955. The Riyadh College of Education, the first higher education institution for women, opened in 1970.
In 2009, King Abdullah appointed the first female minister to Saudi Arabia's government. Noura al-Fayez became the deputy education minister for women's affairs.
The Change of Transport
At the time of the establishment of the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932, the country lacked modern transportation facilities and ports, and had less than 30 miles of paved roads.
Today, the Kingdom has a modern transportation network of roads, railroads, air, marine and public transport. The country is also linked by a sophisticated communications network that serves as a basis for its economic growth and development.
These accomplishments are all the more remarkable due to the great distances between cities and the rugged terrain of much of the country.
New Saudi Transport
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Old Saudi Transport
The Saudi bus operator SAPTCO (Saudi Public Transport Company) and the French public transport company RATP Dev (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens) signed a contract for 242 MAN Lion’s City M city buses, at the recent UITP Global Public Transport Summit held in Montreal, Canada.
Scheduled for delivery in 2018, these will be the first MAN buses on the roads of Riyadh.
Events in Riyadh
In the olden days, the economy of Saudi Arabia was built on selling oil. Today, all that has changed. The price of oil has dropped and, in a world where environmental pressures mean global powers are determined to stop burning it as fuel. Saudi Arabia has launched a wide-reaching social and economic initiative, Saudi Vision 2030, with an ambitious goal to develop the economy across industries that include technology, healthcare, tourism, education and finance.
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Salman Khan's concert in Riyadh was great!

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