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Fuenlabrada Food Guide

by Miguel González


The ideas that we have to improve the food security in our environment are that in Carrefour the vegetables are in a bad state, that´s why they change the food after two days. The thing is that they have to put them in a type of fridge instead of letting them out.
Fuenlabrada Food Environment Map
There are many places to buy food around our high school especially groceries and fish stores. They are very affordable and they open usually at 9, so you have time to buy it.

Supermarkets like Carrefour, Mercadona, provide very nutritious food.
Here in Fuenlabrada there are many options like groceries stores, fish shops or other stores like Hiper Grecia... And then we have the restaurants like Casa Tori that sells many options for food.

Examples: Spanish food, sea food, Italian food...
Here the prices of the shop are average price: some shops have higher prices and some others lower but overall, they are average.