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Discussion Essay

by Thi My Chau (Abby) Hoang


All Children Should Not Watch TV Too Much
"Screen time" is a term used for activities done in front of a screen, such as watching TV, working on a computer, or playing video games. Screen time is a sedentary activity, meaning you are being physically inactive while sitting down.
In my opinion, we should spend enough time watching tv because we get to know about the news so we can finish our homework and we can watch to calm our body down when we are angry. Our body needs enough rest because if we watch TV too much then it will not be good for our health. Everyone likes to watch tv but if you watch too much then it will hurt your eyes and your back.
Studies have shown that kids who watch too much TV are more likely to be overweight — and, depending on the content of what they see, more aggressive. Excess TV viewing also has been linked to poor grades, sleep problems, and behavior problems.
Too much screen time can lead to, sleep problems, neck and back problems, depression, anxiety, and lower test scores in children. Children should limit screen time to 1 to 2 hours per day. Adults should also try to limit screen time outside of work hours.
Watching tv is important but if you watch too much then your body can be really weak. Watching tv late at night is not good for your health because at night you need to sleep to recharge your energy to be ready for the next day. Watching tv too long is not good for your health as well. Sometimes there are really important things happening and you don’t want to miss out on them.
I think children should watch TV in moderation and should watch good and useful programs such as educational programs, documentaries, watching such programs will help children understand better and become talented people. Socially intelligent, but if you let your children watch too much TV, they will gradually become naughty and do not pay attention to their studies. So I think I would agree that children shouldn't watch too much TV.