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by Peyton Irons


The Journey 

-Peyton Irons

May 18, 1804 

We had just started our journey and everything was going great. I knew that this journey was going to take a while. There were multiple people coming along. There was Lewis, Clark, his slave, soldiers, carpenders, and hunters. We met the Sons of French,and the Fathers and Indian Mothers on the way.
We had already run into multiple animals. There were snakes and other creatures that we had to be aware of. All the snakes we saw were poisonous. We had to watch out for bears also. The ones that we had seen were huge. 

July 20,1804

It has been 2 months already. We had been to Platte River, the Oregon, Morbon, California Trails, and Pony Express. So far it has hailed on us and snowed. All of us were cold and we had lost some food crossing the Missouri river. I thought that this was going to be hard but not this hard. 
We had to kill one of our houses for food cause we were running out. I only got a few hours of rest. That has happened since we began this journey. I thought that I would get used to it but it still has not happened. I hope I do get used to it soon cause I am always exhausted. 

1804- 1805

It has been a full year already. I had gotten used to the sleeping arrangements. We have seen less snakes but more bears. I’m not suppressed. We have gotten closer to the mountains.So far So good.
We see a fort up ahead. It looks like they have food and water. It is Sacagawea’s people. Sacagwea’s brother came running up. We had to ask for horses and other supplies. They said yes to us and thanked us for bringing Sacagawea home. We were so thankful for the horses and we went on our way