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 This the final product of the collaborative story in our eTwinning project "EUROPEACE". Five different fairy tales have been mixed into one to develop the story.

The fairy tales that have been used are from 5 different countries and are the following:

UKRAINE: "The magic glove"

ESTONIA: "The princess born from an egg"

PORTUGAL: "The Spider Queen"

SPAIN: "Which girl dares to marry the king?"

GREECE: "The peace of Aristophanes"
Once upon a time there was once again a war. A war in Ukraine. The wind of malice and inhumanity uprooted everything. Families were torn apart and all the beauties that God generously bestowed on people disappeared.
    Peter was a child who lost his family. Like a wounded bird he had perched behind a dustbin in an arcade where once there were shops, traffic and laughter.
   And now what do I do? He wondered. He stood with all the strength he had left in the middle of the street and began to cry non-stop.
   The blast of air smelled of war, of gunpowder. And yet this awful wind brought a glove to his feet.
   Then the little boy stopped crying and remembered the fairy tale that his grandmother, бабуся, used to tell him, "the magic glove".

How he used to  laugh at this fairy tale!!! Petros was curious about it and ooops!
He found himself  in it.

Yeah!!!!! It was the magic glove that started jumping like a wind up toy!!!

Petros felt warmth and security!
 And the magic glove started to... fly and Petros was not afraid.
  After a while the glove made a smooth landing and Petros came out of the glove timidly.
    -     Who are you; Said the boy as he saw a girl.
    - My name is Lambri. What’s yours;
    - Peter. Where am I?
    - In Estonia. In Tallinn. Really, how did you end up in my country? You must be from Ukraine. Only there is a magic glove to be found. And only here am I to be found, Princess Lampri, born from an egg. Do you know this Estonian fairy tale?
 - Yes, I have heard it from my father who traveled a lot, he was a merchant. Nice to meet you Lambri.
 - Come, eat and wash yourself. I also have fresh berries, herbs and vegetables straight from our garden. Come, I will show you the beauties of my country! Hurry because we have a lot to do.
And so it happened. Peter washed, put on clean clothes and ate. Then with Lambri they entered the magic glove and wandered through medieval Tallinn.

The view from Toompea Hill was fantastic as well as the lovely houses around the Town Hall Square under the towers and peaked roofs.

The smells of salmon with garlic butter tickled their noses and they saw the mist from the Gulf of Finland wrapping itself around the rooftops as night fell.