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The Story of Sophie

by Anne-Greete Kenppi

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The story of Sophie
Anne-Greete Kenppi, Birgit Lehtmaa
There once lived a dog named Sophie. She didn't have a home and she lived on the streets. She was very unhappy, lonely and didn't have friends. Most of the days she wandered around the streets trying to find food.
One day the dog wanted to get some food, so she walked to the forest. When Sophie had walked for a very long time, she realized that she was lost. The dog started panicking. It was getting dark very fast, she started crying and running.
While Sophie was running, she met a wolf named Becky. Becky was big, had white and gray fur and looked scary. When Becky saw her, she was in shock, because she had never seen a dog before. Becky walked up to Sophie and asked what she was and why she was in her area. Sophie told her the whole story and it turned out that Becky was lonely too. The wolf promised to lead her back to the village.
They decided to stay in the forest for the night. Becky showed Sophie her burrow. It was extremely huge and dark. There was a lot of moss on the ground. The moss made the ground soft and cozy to sleep on. In the morning Becky told Sophie that she was going to get some food. When she came back, she was holding a watermelon in her mouth. Sophie was surprised and asked her where she had got it from. The wolf said that she had visited the village a day before and had taken it from there when everyone was sleeping.
When they finished eating they went on a two-hour walk back to the village. River was flowing, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. They were in a very good mood because they used to be lonely but now they had someone to talk about everything.