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Ireland School Completion Programmes

by Jann Stephens


An insight into the School Completion Programme in Ireland
School Completion Programmes mission
To support students to stay in school and complete the leaving certificate, equivalent qualification or suitable level of educational attainment which enables them to transition into further education, training or employment.
For primary and post-primary children and young people who have been identified as potentially at risk of early school leaving
Where are they?
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There are 122 School Completion projects
Covering 467 Primary Schools
222 post-primary schools in Ireland
What initiatives does the school completion program implement?
In school Supports:
  • One to One tuition
  • Team teaching
  • Classroom Assistant
  • Curricular supports
  • Individual learning plans
  • Learning support: to support the learning and self-esteem of the target group
  • Study skills sessions

  • Dance therapy
  • Emotional therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Reading therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • One to One Child Therapy
Therapeutic Supports:
Listed are a few of the many beneficial programs they offer:
  • ‘Pathways to Education’: Programme working with 2nd and 3rd years to boost self-esteem and confidence in young people and includes curriculum support
These are only some of the many programmes the school completion programmes offer.
  • Anti-bullying programme
Speech Bubble
  • Catch-up programme: Prolonged absence. to motivate pupils so a sense of failure is not experienced
  • Health & Hygiene Programme: To improve health and confidence of students
Click the link to view more of the programmes available
The Referral Process
Children and young people must be attending a school supported by the School Completion Programme. 

Referrals can be made by the school, principals, parent or guardians, other services providers and self-referrals are accepted.

Not every child referred may receive targeted support