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Year 2 HIndu Worship

by Year 2


Hindu Worship
By Year 2 Autumn 2022
We have been learning all about Hindu Worship.
Hindus believe in one God, Brahman and he has many expressions. Some of the Hindu gods are Vishnu, Shiva, Lakshmi, Indra and Ganesha.
Hindus worship at the Mandir. The Mandir is a temple and has some important features: shoe rack, Murtis, a bell, vedas, aum and a main shrine.
Hindu Worship at Home
Hindus can also worship at home. They make offerings to the gods and have a shrine where they can pray.
The shrines can be as big as a room or just a statue on a small corner.
The Puja Tray
Mrs Shuklah came into Year 2 and brought her special Puja Tray with her. We learnt that puja means prayer.
A Puja Tray is something you put on your shrine at home. It has different parts: a bell, a pot of kum kum, some water, a light, incense, flowers, a spoon and food.