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Year 1 PSHE Autumn 2021

by Natasha Jakhu


Year 1
Autumn 1
Lesson 1: We learned the four Listening Rules for our PSHE lessons and the actions.
ears listening
Body still
Rounded Rectangle
eyes looking
voices quiet
Lesson 2: Focusing attention
We used the attent-o-scope to focus our attention.
We also played My Turn Your Turn.
Attent-o-scopes can block out distractions.
Lesson 3: Following Directions
We played My Turn Your Turn and added more actions to complete. We used the four Listening Rules to make sure they succeeded when playing this game.
Miss Jakhu then tried to distract us and we tried hard to stay focused.
Lesson 4: Self-talk for learning
We played My Turn Your Turn but with a twist. Miss Jakhu would add a mixed up rule. If she said touch your elbows we would have to touch our ears. We spoke to ourselves in our heads to remember the actions and help us.
Lesson 5: Be Assertive