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Year 3 RE Term 1 The Buddha 2022-2023

by Year 3


2022-2023 Term 1
Year 3
The Buddha
What have we been learning about?
Some of the questions we have studied:
- What is Buddhism?
- What does Buddha mean?
- Why is the Buddha important?
- Who was the Buddha?
- What was the Buddha’s name?
Mr. Santer's example
Buddhism is a religion and a philosophy that began due to the teachings of the Buddha, but who was the Buddha?
Who was the Buddha?
The Buddha's teachings
The Buddha was a person called Siddharta Guatama who lived 2,600 years ago. He was not a God. He was a human who ‘woke up’ from the ‘sleep of confusion’ and became aware of the truth. The Buddha became free of suffering and was able to help others to ‘awaken themselves'.
The Buddha’s teachings are a source of wisdom and authority that helps to guide them on their path towards enlightenment and truth.
Examples from previous classes
follow my teachings 
Speech Bubble
1 .The truth of suffering (Dukkha)
2. The truth of the origin of suffering (Samudāya)
3. The truth of the cessation of suffering (Nirodha)
4.The truth of the path to the cessation of suffering (Magga)
The Buddha is often compared to a physician. In the first two Noble Truths he diagnosed the problem (suffering) and identified its cause. The third Noble Truth is the realisation that there is a cure.
The fourth Noble Truth, in which the Buddha set out the Eightfold Path, is the prescription, the way to achieve a release from suffering.
The Buddha 1.people should kind everone in the would 2.people how should be kind and Generous and people should be truthful were did he get his name from siddharta Guatama were did he lizd
How did he get the sleeping of confusion
Was|the Buddha a person Before he got the sleeping confusion
Examples from previous classes
Buddhism is reilgion and philosophy that began due to the teaching of the buddah. The buddah's name is Siddhata Guatama.
The teaching's of the Buddha are to teach us how to live, by being nice to other people. The religion Buddha was old religion it started 2,600 years ago.

what you need to do.
people should be kind.
poeple should be compassionate.
people should be generous.
people should be truthful.