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Year 3 RE Term 2 How The World Began

by Year 3


2022-2023 Term 2
Year 3
How the world began
What have we been learning about?
Some of the questions we have studied:
- What do Christians and Jews believe for the creation of the world?
- What is the Story of Creation?
- What do Muslims believe?
- What do Buddhists believe?
- Should we all tolerate each other beliefs or not? Why?
Mr. Santer's example
Different religions have different beliefs about the beginning of the world
Do all religions believe the world was created the same?
Tolerance of the different view of others
Christianity and Judaism think similarly about creation.
What do Christians and Jews belive?
What do Buddhists believe for the beginning of the world?
What is the day of rest?
Christians and Jews believe in God and the Story of Creation: God made the world and all its beautiful things in 6 days and rested on the 7th day.
They do not believe that the world was made a long time ago. Instead, they believe that it is constantly being created.
The day of rest for Christians is Sunday
The day of rest for Jews is Friday to Saturday evening. This day of rest is called the Shabbat.
Should we listen to what others belive?
What were the first people born?
Yes we have to listen to others belive but still make your one belives and still be kind to other people belives.
It was Adam and Eve that was born first and Adam (that is a boy) was born first and Allah(god) took adams rib away and gave Eve(girl) that rib.
Why did you start reading this page? because you wanted to know about the religons?lucky you you have came to the right page.(It is actually Dami's page).
When was the world created and how meny days was it done and rested?
What do muslims belive that god was called?
It was it was done in six days then rested on the seventh day.
We (some of them that are muslims) belive that god is called Allah that is what muslims thinks.
What do you think scientits will say about the world being created?
Muslim imformation
Examples from last year
Do every religion belive in the story of creation?

No,Christians and Jews belive in the story of creation,but Buddhasims belive the world has no end nor begining and Muslims belive the world is still being created.
Christanity and Jewish imformation
Buddhasim imformation
Christians and Jews belive in a God and the story of creation.Christians have a day of rest and that day is Sunday.But for Jews,they don't have a day of rest.Instead,they have a Shabbat that starts from Friday night to Saturday night and they eat special meals on those two days.Christians go to a church to praise their god,but Jews go to a synagogue to praise their god.
Buddhasim people belive that the world has no begining nor end because they don't belive in the story of creation at all,not even one bit about the story of creation.Buddhasim people have their god and their god is Buddha and he died years ago because he was mean.
Examples from last year
Muslims beleave that god (Allah) created the world.
Christains believe that god created the world in 6 days.
They are similar.
Buddist bleave that the world allways existed.