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Managing Me by FS2

by Chloe Coady


Our Big Book of 'Managing Me'
By FS2 Autumn 2021
We have been learning about many different way to look after and 'manage' ourselves at school and at home.
It is important that we learn how to look after ourselves and stay safe, happy and healthy.

Come and have a look at some of the things we have been learning about!
'Managing Me' at school
We have been trying to put our coats on independently!
Firstly we put our arms into the sleeves of our coats, then put the coat on.
Next, we have been learning how to do our zip up to keep our bodies warm when playing outside.
Putting our coats on independently
How do you think we have done?
We are getting very independent in Reception!
'Managing Me' at school
How to line up and move around school safely
When we walk throughout our school it is important that we do this safely. We have been learning how to line up and walk sensibly, following the person in front of us.

Some of the things that we must do are;
1. Stand in a line behind the person in front of us
2. Face forward so that we can see where we are walking
3. Use walking feet, not running feet
4. Follow the person in front of us when we are walking
5. Use quiet voices when walking around school so we do not stop others from learning
If we run we might hurt ourselves and hurt the person in front of us
Speech Bubble
'Managing Me' at school
Covid Safety and Washing our hands
To keep ourselves safe from germs we have discussed good healthy hygiene habits and how to wash our hands.
We know it is also a good idea to use hand sanitisier to stop germs from spreading too!
We tried washing our hands in class too. First we got soap from the dispenser and scrubbed different parts of our hands and wrists for 20 seconds.
To help us remember when to finish scrubbing our hands with soap, we counted to 20.
Then we washed the soap off of our hands with water, and then dried our hands with a paper towel. Once we finished using the paper towel we put it in the bin to stop germs from spreading.
We listened to the hand washing song to help us remember how to always wash our hands correctly!

Can you remember what comes first?