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Comments from parents
I would appreciate if you could send words of gratitude to Mr Koza and Mr Jennings for their enormous and continuous effort to improve our children’s maths skills.

Elliott, along with other children in year 7 were recently assessed by teachers in Plumstead Manor School in order to create a maths groups according to the level of skills.

As it turned out 7 out of all Nightingale children who are now in year 7 in Plumstead Manor were placed in the highest 1 set!

It would never be possible without Mr Koza’s dedication, perseverance and encouragement.

Kind regards

Monika Kazmierska (Elliott’s mum)
Comments from parents
Nightingale as a School, Teachers and Lisa (Child Welfare Officer) have made learning both fun and important for my child. Nothing is ever a bother, no problem too small or big and no question unanswered. The fact that they know every child's name, likes and dislikes made both myself and my child feel like part of a family.
Thank you,

Hayley Gregory

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