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Year 4 Roman Britain

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The Influence of the Romans
Term 2 - Year 4 History
By Mr Rogerson
Pathed roads were introduced by the Romans to make trading around Britain far easier than ever before.
Latin is the language that Romans spoke. Many words from the English language are based on Latin words
The Romans settled in Britain from 43 AD until 410 AD. That's almost 400 years!
The Influence of the Romans
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The Romans were the first to introduce ‘food on the move’ as we might think of it today. These 'Fast food' stand were used to feed the 10,000 soldiers across Britain at the time!
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Romans things
By Fareed
This what romans used to scrape of dirt
This is romans language Latern
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This is where romans do Toilet buisness
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This is were Romans bath and have FUN
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The influence of the Romans
we are roman we speak latin.
We don't use pistols we use a type of stick.
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This is what we eat you will see that is gren but is so so god you will saw ew but is sos o god.
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The Influence of the Romans
Roman people spoke Latin and the came in Britain at 43Ad and left at 410Ad 
Roman used Roman Numerals as numbers we use today but in Roman languge
Roman made fast food and these are some things we eat today but they are a bit diffrent.
The influence of the romans
The romans made underfloor heating for them selfs which we still use today.
Romans created diffrent types of fast foods.
The romans also made clocks which we use to check the time just like they did but moslty we use phones to check the time now
The romans also created sewage system which we also find usefull