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Year 4 Peace

by Nightingale Book Creator


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peace means u being chill and relaxed in places like home and with freinds and family
i like seeing the sun set and giving my mom hugs.
Peace is a meaning of relaxation calmness.
and playing games lie football and roblox.
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i like being with my mum, cousins, uncles and my grandma and aunties.
i like being a beach and listening to the ocean.
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All about peace.
Peace is important because if there was no peace the world will be very bad and will have a lot of fights which is a bad thing.this is a simble for peace.
Things that can make you peaceful like resting in your bed , lisening to the sound of the beach or eating your favorite food.
When at peace ,i feel relaxed,comfortable and good other people feel different ways like if you see a dove you could start to feel relaxed or even siting on the toilet.
You could be at a beach and listening to the Ocean, going to the park or going school.
Peace is important because if we didn't have peace none of us will have ever be calm we will always just been sad and grumpy every day.
Ways to acheive peace is to be in a calm place that is quiet and flowing with enviroment and wildlife.
When at peace I feel my heart beating and I hear myself breathing in and out every time.
Some of the places that promote peace include the beach, the park and the oceon.
David D
Peace is important because if we didnt have peace we could never be in peace like your playing fornitght and you won that will make relax and calm
Ways to achive peace include music,drawing in silent panting,playing games,meditating and looking at the sunset
When at peace, i feel playing games listesting to music widelife and being on the phone
The places that make me peace is going to mc donalds and the bank
Peace is important because it is diffrent thing that are important to each person and for their religon
Ways to achieve peace include Listening to music , being on phone, looking at the sunset, and Quiet picnic , playing games, swimming and spending time with your family
When at peace, i feel in the bath, paiting in the car, beach, sitting down on the sofa, being out doors, begin warm room, calm,
Some of the place that promote peace include the becah, warm room