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Year 6 Christianity

by Nightingale Book Creator


Year 6 Christianity:
Leading a Christian Life
In Year 6 we have been learning about how Christians lead a Christian life.

We learnt and found out about missionaries and what they do, how they help others and spread the Christian word.
We also looked at the similarities and differences between a church, chapel and cathedral.

Several children in Year 6 go to church on a weekly basis!
Missionaries are people that help other people around the world. They don't only help people but they also spread the word of Christianity because that is their main job.
They help by giving the homeless a place to stay, food and water. They also go on night patrols for the homeless to make it more safe for them to sleep there. Wherever there is a natural disaster they will go there and try to help people with tents, food and medicine.

They give people medical support if they need it. They also provide education to the people who don't have any. They also help/support addicts to stop.

are people that help others with addictions,and spread the word of Christianity,they do night patrol like giving homeless food,

A church is a place for cristian and religiouan tom worship and,
and are more then three churches like, Militant,Penitent,
and Triumphant. and diffrent churches

are people that help people with food and medical support and teach thousands of people. They may give food, shelter (with tents).They help with addicts and prisoners too.