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All About Wolfs: Part 3

by Dennis Babaskin


All About Wolfs
Part 3!
By: Dennis Babaskin
Hello guys!!! I make "All About Wolfs" Books because, I like wolfs, yes yes, I like wolfs. Wolfs are one of my very favorite animals. After my first "All About Wolfs" book made, I decided to make a series of "All About Wolfs" books so the USA read them, maybe if the other side of the world to. My goal is to reach over 50 reads on one of my "All About Wolfs" Books. I also like making games on this app called Roblox. Making games is actually one of my hobbies. I also like to build stuff and make rockets. I hope you will enjoy "All About Wolfs Part 3." I also made a 2nd and a 1st part, so please read those parts too. So please support me on 50 and over reads on my books. Thank You!

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Wolfs are mammals, they live in dens. The baby wolfs are called Pups. Pups are baby wolfs, they learn how to hunt when they are babies. Wolfs are also mammals (Mammals is the word for Part 2 or part 1.) Wolfs usually live on Forrests where there is a lot of food and water. Wolfs eat Rabbits, Elks, Deers (I think) and all of that stuff.
Wolfs habitats are sometimes are start to destroy cause of people, Logs, and trees are one example. The wolfs are or becoming endangered species. People are trying to help the wolfs so they lived. So, please do not make wolfs become more and more endangered! (Tell this information to your Dads or Moms so they can share it. That will help the wolfs!)