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Launch Into Space

by Dennis Babaskin


Launch Into Space
By Dennis Babaskin
Yay! Today we re going to space. Space has a lot and a lot of stars, it has planets in the solar system. A Solar System is kinda like an orbit, but the Solar System is an orbit from the sun. -Fun Fact--Did you know, the sun is a star?
To get to space, you need a rocket. No, No, not the rocket out of legos, I mean a real rocket. Mostly rockets are launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA is the company that launches the rockets.
The SLS Orion is one type of rocket. It is made tog o to the ISS, or the moon. The ISS Stands for International Space Station.
SLS Orion
There was also a rocket launched by NASA called The Space Shuttle, Its was only used for payloads and carrying astronauts to the ISS. The Space Shuttle is a well known rocket, like in 2017, the rocket has been launched from Kennedy Space Center.
The Space Shuttle is a popular rocket, it has these stages, The External Tank (ET) The Side Rocket Boosters (SRB) And the Orbital Vehicle. The Orbital Vehicle is where the astronauts sit during a mission to space.
Space Shuttle
There is another rocket that was launch in 2018, its is called The Falcon Heavy. It carried a Tesla Roadster from SpaceX, SpaceX is a rocket company that launch The Falcon Heavy, The DragonX and also some other rockets.
SpaceX is also building a rocket called The Starship. The Starship is made to go to Mars, There is a rocket called SN10 that was the first rocket landed on the Starship building but then... it exploded after the landing.
Falcon Heavy
There was another rocket from SpaceX, its called the DragonX. This rocket can only fly to the ISS, It can't fly to the moon
The DragonX is sorta like a Crew Rocket
DragonX Is the same as Dragon 9, But the DragonX is a rocket for passengers, And the Dragon 9 is a Cargo Rocket that was launch to the ISS for materials for the ISS.
There is also a spacecraft called Soyuz. That rocket is a ISS rocket, which means it is a rocket that can fly to the ISS.
That was the very first rocket to put the first dogs in space. And it was the same rocket to put the very first humans into space to. Its a Russian spacecraft.
Soyuz Spacecraft —≥