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Ten Important People (Famous Americans)

by Lisa Gill


Who Changed Our Lives
For the Teacher ONLY: Delete this page before adding the book to your Library for student use.
  1. Teacher will lead a mini lesson on the famous American.
  2. Students will add text to the page to tell the contribution of each American by clicking on the + in the Yellow circle.
  3. They will add an image by clicking on the Blue + in the middle of the Rectangle. Note: If your settings for Searching for images is set to Limited, students will not be able to find images of some of the Americans. Options could be to find an image from PebbleGo (or other safe site) or taking a photo of a book cover.
  4. Students will add a recording of them telling about each Famous American.
 Virginia Standard SOL 2.4
The student will describe how the contributions of selected individuals changed the lives of Americans.
Essential Question

How did Christopher Columbus, George Washington Carver, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln,
Helen Keller, Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie Robinson, Cesar Chavez, and
Rosa Parks contribute to changing the
lives of Americans?
Comic Panel 1
Christopher Columbus
George Washington Carver
Comic Panel 2
Comic Panel 1
Benjamin Franklin