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Ms. Duncan's Classroom Management Plan

by Francesca Duncan


Ms. Duncan's
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Classroom Management Plan
For a high school Social Studies class
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My Philosophy
In this section...
❥ Beliefs about students
❥ Who I am as a teacher
❥ What my classroom community stands for
❥ Beliefs about Students:
I believe that all students have the potential to learn, but because of outside situations in their lives, some kids have more difficulties progressing in the education system. It is my job as a teacher to acknowledge what may be impeding a child’s academic development to aid him or her in reaching educational goals.
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❥ Who I am as a teacher: 
I see myself as a facilitator of higher order thinking. Pulling from the constructivist approach to teaching, I see myself as a “guide on the side” who provides my students with the information and tools they need to become innovators. I believe that students have valuable knowledge already in their minds before entering the classroom, and I want to draw on this to make content relevant and engaging. I do not want to teach my students to regurgitate information, I want to draw on their background knowledge and opinions to encourage critical thinking.
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❥ What my Classroom Community Stands for:

1. Open communication:
I am a firm believer that verbally communicating one’s feelings or situation to another person is essential to solving any issue. This is built on the basis of trust between two individuals, and I want my students to know that I genuinely care about what it going on in their lives and want to work together to address it

2. Critical thinking:
My classroom will be a place in which students are presented to both sides of every story and are encouraged to form their own opinions. Assignments will be designed to encourage higher order thinking that include aspects of evaluation and creation. (Bloom)
3. Respect
Both the students and the teacher must respect each other as humans in order to work together towards the goal of education. Members of a classroom community must respect each other’s voices, opinions, and values.
Establishing Community
In this section...
❥ Establishing Guidelines for Student Behavior
❥ Communication with parents
❥ Strategies for the Prevention of Management Problems
❥ When Classroom Management problems do arise:
❥ Establishing Guidelines for Student Behavior:

Step 1: Introduce myself and let my students know a bit more about me

Step 2: Have the students complete a “getting to know you” form:

Step 3: Divide students into groups to brainstorm expectations

Step 4: Compile students’ and your own expectations into a “Classroom Constitution” to be hung in the room

Step 5: Review the “getting to know you” forms and adjust personal expectations.
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Example: I love Teddy Roosevelt!