Book Creator


by Leidy Murcia


Local economy development
Nowadays consumer behavior has changed noy only because of the globalization age but also because of post pandemic world consequences.
These days we are living the Next Normal (Fabius, et al., 2020) conditions, which are based on “a dramatic restructuring of the economic and social order in which business and society have traditionally operated.
Essentially, many of us have been waiting for things to “get back to normal,” but as businesses look to return to office or adapt to local public health guidelines, we can’t expect normal to look the same as it did.” (CIO Digital Magazine, 2021)
That’s why this is the moment to think about your business project. You must consider the expectative and the satisfaction of the consumers, who are looking for new experiences according to the nowadays normality.  Read the following questions and ask yourself.
How social media marketing promote the success of your business project in the context of The Next Normal? Globalization, handle the sociocultural and economic requirements of national context, taking care of environment.
What is the influence of foreign words in the advertising of business projects? Raising traditions, values, and national culture through your business.
How can English impact the promotion of your business through social media? Business and its sociocultural impacts.
Now, answer the previous questions considering the following aspects to make an interactive video with your reflection. At the same time, you are going to present your business project like a video advertising.