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All about Golden Retrievers

by Jax Dudek


All About Golden Retrievers
Illustrated by Jax Dudek
Written by Jax Dudek
All About the Author
My name is Jax and I am a 3rd grader in Ms.Clark's class. One other thing I like to do is play video games such as Fortnite with my friends. I also love dogs my favorite dogs are Golden Retrievers and Blue Heelers I have 3 dogs Crash, Spots, and Puddles.

Have you ever met a furry dog with a golden coat? If you have you met a golden retriever. Golden retrievers can learn new things quicker than almost every dog breed! Continue reading to learn what golden retrievers look like,enjoy and what they need to survive and more!
Table Of Contents
Ch.1 What Golden Retrievers Look Like

Ch.2 What Golden Retrievers Eat

Ch.3 How Golden Retrievers Behave

Ch.4 How Golden Retrievers are Entertained

Ch.5 How to Take Care of Golden Retrievers

Ch.6 Fun Facts About Golden Retrievers
Chapter 1 What Golden Retrievers Look Like
Have you ever wandered what golden retrievers look like? For example golden retrievers have differents types of coats they can have straight and smooth coats. Golden retrievers can also have thick and curly coats.
Golden retrievers can also have different colors of coats too. They can have a dark brown, they can also have a bright goldish-yellow coat. Sometimes golden retrievers can have light brown coats too!
It is also important to know that golden retrievers can come in different sizes. They can be big and weigh 75 pounds, or they can be small and weigh about 25 pounds.
Chapter 2 What Golden Retrievers eat
Golden retrievers should be fed 2 times a day, so they get enough food. For example I feed my dog in the morning and after school. Dogs also need enough food so they don't start starving or get too full.
Golden retrievers love to get treats! There are tons of different types of treats. You need to feed your dog the right treats depending on how old they are. One way golden retrievers can get treats is by by doing tricks!
Golden retrievers need to be given the right amount of water. You should give your dog water twice a day in the morning and in the evening. You should give your dog extra water after you go on a walk, run or other activities.