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The hunted railroad track

by Damaria Terrell


The Hunted Railroad track.
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This is a hunted railroad track ,it was found in 1826 , in New Jersey , 3 years before George Stephenson perfected a practical steam locomotive in England. Every decade the same train past by with died people and clown so they can go back to they layer and have food . Most of the time they will have like 50 people or more . Most of the people where on the railroad that day . When 12:00 am Strike the first stop the clown will go on the railroad track. It might be only like 20 or 18 people there...... which is half of the people they need which is 50 or more .
The railroad track is something you should be scared of . Its one of the places that you don't went to goo to because one you might get killed if a clown is there one it might think you have the cops with you hiding so they will kill and + they do not want you to tell no one .

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