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Not all angels have wings

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Not all angels have wings
- My daughter wants to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, please, would you let her go out and see it?- asked Abby's mom. Theresa
Abby was a fourteen year old girl who suffered from lung cancer since she was eleven years old. Doctors said that she had only one month left to live, so she decided to do what she liked most in that month. She was not scared from death, she was scared of leaving her loved ones forever.
- Sorry ma'am, but your daughter has to stay under observation- said a doctor.
Theresa looked at Abby sadly.
- Don't worry mom, I'll be OK.- said Abby.
Theresa and Abby went back to Abby's room and took off their coats, gloves and scarves.
- We're not done yet, honey; you are going to see that Christmas tree, and I'll do whatever it takes, even if I have to take you out of this bloody hospital without being seen...
- Oh my gosh, mom! You've had a great idea. We'll wait until the fat guard at the door goes to get some donuts, because, believe me - that one he's holding now it's not going to last forever;
he will leave for three minutes, more or less. While he's out I'll put on my coat and you'll go to distract that secretary over there, while you do that I'll be going out behind you; you have to make sure the secretary doesn't see me escaping.
- Did you already have that plan in your mind?- Theresa asked, astonished.
- Of course, what do you think I've been doing all this time, crosswords?
A few minutes later the guard on the door went for some donuts, as Abby had predicted. The plan had started; Abby put on her gloves, scarf and coat and waited till her mother went to distract the secretary; she started turning the wheels of the wheel chair and escaped succesfully through the door; her mom followed her to the entrance of the hospital.
They arrived on time to see the lights of the beautiful Christmas tree. The plan had worked and Abby and her mother could have the best time of all their christmas, knowing there wasn't much time left for Abby.
- Thank you mom, for everyting you've done for me- said Abby sincerely.
- Don't worry my angel, I could bring you the moon, if you only asked for it, and, you're the most important thing of my life- said Theresa kissing Abby on the forehead while some tears slipped on her cheek.

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