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Jobs in the tourism industry - 4.h

by Jelena Kovačević


Jobs in the tourism industry
Create a page about one job in the tourism industry.
1) Write the job title.
2) Write which sector the job belongs to.

2) Write about the person's duties and responsibilities at work.
3) Write about the dos and don'ts related to the job you chose.
4) Find a copyright free image and use it as illustration of the job.
5) Write about whether you would or would not like to do this job and why.
(accommodation, food and beverage, attractions, recreation and entertainment, events and conferences, transportation, travel planning services, tourism services)
- Each job title can be described only once. Check what other students have written about.
- You can design your page of the book however you want. Be creative.
- Be careful not to delete other students' work.
- Remember to sign your page.
Lucija Vuić, 4.h
Hotel manager
Hotel manager: duties
-recruiting, training and supervising staff
- managing budgets
- handling customer complaints
- promoting and marketing the business
- great pay
- travel opportunity
- plenty of job openings
Job of hotel manager belongs to tourism services.
- Stress
- The Bureaucracy
- The Employees

I would like this job because seems very educative and progressive!
Speech Bubble
Stjepan Ćavar 4.h
Night porter has access to all keys and cameras.
I wouldn't like this job because I am morning person.

Do check cameras often.

Don't sleep during your worktime.