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Getting Started with Digital Activities

by Donna Golightly


Getting started with digital activities...
Just Breathe
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What's the purpose of this book?
Over the last few years I have come across many awesome educators who really want to use digital devices with their students, but they just don't know where to start.

They either don't have the skills or they don't have the confidence. Or sometimes it's that they just don't know what they don't know.

This got me thinking.

How might I provide a resource that could help these teachers take small steps on their journey and find some helpful tips and tricks, or strategies, that might just inspire and support them to integrate meaningful, authentic and relevant digital activities into their classroom program?

I consulted Twitter (such a fabulous PLN) and spoke to many educators.

The result is BREATHE.

When something is new, or you are struggling with life - we all need to do is just BREATHE.
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The power of breathing...
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Our learners need very specific instructions when they are learning with a Chromebook.
Be sure yourself of what the steps are that need to be followed and then be specific, giving them one step at a time.
If they are very new to Chromebooks it might be the first step is simply to log in.
You might need to teach them:
💡how to carry the Chromebook
💡how to open it carefully
💡where the full stop is on the keyboard
💡how to use two hands on the keyboard
💡how to tap the keys correctly
All learners benefit from routines, no matter what the subject.
Establish the routines you want for your clasroom, then be firm and consistent with them.

You might have routines such as:
💡one person at a time getting a chromebook out
💡the chromebook needs to always be on the table
💡learners are given one instruction to do it then they put their screens at 45 degrees
💡when screens are at 45, hands are always off the keyboard
💡always use two hands on the keyboard