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A Visit to Longleat

by Evelin Wright & Class 5c


holidays in Britain
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sound like a good idea!
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Let’s  go to Longleat!
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Now let’s go
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Day 6: At the Safari Park

… Suddenly, they hear a loud voice: “Rooaaarrr!”
Caroline asks: “Is that a lion?”
“No, that’s a horse!”, Jack answers ironically.
They drive through the park. Now they are in the area of the tigers and, suddenly, a bush rustles.
Emma whispers: “Look, there is a tiger. Oh, no, it goes towards the car! Drive away fast, Dad!”
But he says, “No, I can’t, that scares the tiger and can hurt it.”
But the tiger goes away after ten minutes.
When they leave after the safari, Mr Butler says: “That was very interesting!”