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Going Coastal 2023

by PLP 8


Map of our route 
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Vancouver to Newport 
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I can’t wait to see the wolves at Wolf Haven because they have been rescued and are being taken care of by my advertising company!! I also happen to love wolves. I find them to be so patient and beautiful.
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Tillamook cheese factory will hopefully be one of my many highlights of the trip as it will help me understand the process and work that goes into making food I love.
I’m grateful for this experience because I’ve seen very few factories and NONE that have made their production process an attraction and learning opportunity like Tillamook! I can’t wait to see the factory because I absolutely love dairy products (when their cheese goes missing.. tell them it was a mouse 🤫🧀 ).
Oregon Day 1
Travelling South with a stop at
This is a video of the camo section at Cabelas. I’m amused rewatching this video. As someone who doesn’t generally see or wear camo I found coming across this to be very funny. 
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Still at
A “masterpiece” made by yours truly
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Myself, Monica, Evelyn, and Maddie “becoming” animals  
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My bae more commonly referred to as The goat
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The Astoria Column
The Astoria Column, built in 1926, is a 125 foot tall tower and is covered on the outside by a frieze that depicts significant parts of Oregon’s history including Lewis and Clarks expedition.
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